Christmas Eve-Eve – December 23, 2020

We at Lowville U.M. Church celebrate on Christmas Eve-Eve, to give folks who are traveling or unable to attend a Christmas Eve Service an opportunity to do so on the night before the night before Christmas.  This post contains a greatly shortened version of our Christmas Eve-Eve celebration honoring our Lord’s coming to earth on the First Christmas morning.  We do hope you enjoy it, and that it might draw you ever closer to the Lord we love.  Just scroll down and click on each player one by one and it will take you through the online mini version of our service.  God Bless and Have a Merry Christmas!


Welcome and Call to Worship 


Opening Worship: “A Christmas Medley”  (The UMC Worldwide Virtual Choir)


Sermon Part 1:  “What  Christmas is All About”    Video MP4 file – Download OR use player below:


Sermon Part 2:  “Continued”  (Video of Linus reciting Luke 2:8-14)


Sermon Part 3:  “Continued(Conclusion) Video MP4 file – Download OR use player below:


Closing Candle Light Service: “Silent Night”  (The UMC Worldwide Virtual Choir)


Closing Words and Benediction   Video MP4 file – Download OR use player below: