About Us

Who we are

We are a warm and friendly congregation of people of many ages, nations and places in life.  We are a small town rural congregation.  Most of our people live within the Lowville, Wattsburg and Phillipsville areas, although some travel from Erie, North East and Union City.  Our average worship attendance as of recent has been in the mid 40’s.  We are a biblically based, Christ centered, others oriented and spirit filled family of believers in Jesus within the Wesleyan theological branch of the family of God.  We are a people at all stages of walking with and growing in Jesus.  We are a church family that is currently growing, with new people joining us on an ongoing basis for the past couple of years.   This includes younger families with younger children and babies. (We don’t mind at all when babies cry or make other noises during worship of our Lord.  We are a group followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, who are growing together in faith and in love with Jesus and with one another. Come visit us and expect to be made to feel you are one of the family, as we worship our God with real and passionate worship, biblical teaching and preaching, and heartfelt fellowship and friendship.

Our Pastor

Rev. John L Donner

Pastor John was appointed first as an associate pastor in 2002, then as our senior pastor in 2003, and has been with us ever since.  Pastor John entered the ministry as a second career pastor.  (He knows what it’s like in the real world.)  He retired from his career as a principal engineer in 2016, to devote his time more fully to the Lord.  Pastor John considers Himself first and foremost a servant and child of God; a believer/disciple/follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  (Within the conservative evangelical Wesleyan theological branch of the Christian family tree.)  Pastor John’s gifts and passions include biblically based expository preaching, reaching and leading lost and hurting souls to Christ and helping believers to grow in faith and in holiness.   Pastor John is a graduate of the 5-year Course of Study School of Ohio, a theological and pastoral program of the Methodist Theological School of Ohio for 2nd career pastors.   Pastor John and Pam (his best friend and wife) have been blessed with three children and five grandchildren.  Pastor John’s personal passions include first his family, and then also camping, walking, physics, astronomy, baseball and guitar.