Yes, we live in very trying times. With the Coronavirus running rampant, there is much fear and anxiety in our world today. But our Awesome God calls us to Faith and Not fear. Oh He calls us to the ordinary things of life, to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this dread illness. But He also calls us to place our faith, our hope, our trust and our eternities in Him. Now to help reduce the threat of the virus, we at Lowville United Methodist Church are temporarily closing our doors to Sunday morning worship and to other gatherings. BUT, we have not stopped being the church. The church has just temporarily left the building. And you can join us on line by listening in to our Sunday morning sermons by going to our Sermons and Bulletin Page. And when this coronavirus threat has passed, and if you live anywhere near Lowville Pennsylvania, know that we have a place waiting for you.  Jesus loves you so very much, and he has placed a love in our hearts for you as well.  Jesus Christ, God the Son, came to give you life, abundant life, eternal life, if you would but give Him your heart and place your faith in Him.   God Bless You.

With love,

Your sisters, brothers and soon to be dear friends at Lowville UMC.


  • Sundays 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM  (Temporarily cancelled)

Sunday School

  • Sundays 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM   (Temporarily cancelled)

Other Faith Building Opportunities

  • Weekly 7:00 PM Wednesday Bible Study  (Temporarily cancelled)
  • Weekly 7:30 PM Thursday Praise and Prayer  (Temporarily cancelled)
  • Monthly 6:30 PM Friday Night Dinner and a Christian Movie  (Fall, Winter and Spring) (Temporarily cancelled)